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144 MHz Marconi Memorial (A1) Contest

Call: M0KBW


FT-897D, 50W, Quadruple-Quadlong

The weekend of 5th-6th of November was the annual 144 MHz Marconi Contest. I was really looking forward to it. Firstly, I finished my new 144MHz antenna and this contest was a great opportunity for testing. Secondly, Slavek OK1TN made for me this beautiful CW paddle which was delivered 4 days before the contest. Thirdly, I bought a 500Hz CW filter for my FT897D a few months ago and this contest was the first chance when I could try that. I found the filter worth the money. Smile Fourthly, I wanted to try a new VHF contest log as my favourite Locator does not support UK contests and has to be run below a DOS emulator. In the end, I chose Tucnak by OK1ZIA. 

I ran the contest only from a car battery, so the strategy was to do a few hours on Saturday, recharge the battery over the night and then continue on Sunday. It was cold (6 °C), windy with sunny spells and scattered showers. Even though I had a small setup, I was able to do very nice contacts. One of the last QSO on Saturday was DA0FF from JO40 (858 km). Despite the cold weather, this contact was a strong motivation to come back on the hill next day. On Sunday I increased my ODX with DR9A (869 km). Even though I was on the band just for a few hours, I really enjoyed the contest. I also have some new ideas how to improve my setup for another one. See you next time!

73! Michal OK1GHZ (M0KBW)

The photo gallery can be seen here.







Unfortunately, this location was not open to all directions.